Bill Yoder (right) and Daryl with Barry Wensel's record book buck that was found on a two day old track. Account of this dramatic recovery can be read here.

Daryl is proof that there is something special about the Alfi/Elli breeding that we have now repeated three times. He is a big dog (28 lbs!), big in size and big in heart.

   As a puppy Daryl ran into a major challenge on his first deer call (picture above). According to Bill Yoder, Daryl’s first real tracking assignment involved an aggressive wounded buck. As Daryl tracked the buck it ambushed him in high Reed canary grass and pinned him to the ground. Fortunately the buck was only a six pointer with no brow tines; otherwise the story might have ended right there.

    Daryl got up, shook himself and went on tracking that buck until it could be dispatched. Now, this is not the approved way of introducing a pup to live tracking, but we are proud that Daryl survived with his hide and his ego intact.

    As the subsequent story of finding Barry Wensel’s buck confirms, Daryl is a very tough dog psychologically; but he is also a calm, happy dog who goes to sportsman’s shows with Bill, and is friendly to all the men, women and children that come crowding past Bill’s booth. Daryl has already had enough dangerous incidents to last him for a lifetime. If he stays alive, we think that he will have a brilliant future

  • Sire: FC Alfi von der Hardt-Hoehe
  • Dam: FC Elli v Moosbach-Zuzelek

DOB: March 11, 2003

Breeder: John & Jolanta Jeanneney

Owner: Bill Yoder, shown on both pictures, lives in  Clarksville, MI, tel: 616-835-4676

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