• Sire: IACH 2001, GS 2000
    Boss aus der Preußenmeute 9802363R
    LZ: Sp/J 97 SchwhK 100; SchwhK/40 100;;Sw II; Int.Vp 274 CACIT; St 96, BhFK95;
    SchwhN; BSS Chorin 100; SchwhK/F 100; Europa-Pokal-VP 276 CACIT; Schußf.; Trittsiegelsuche Schweizerischer Dachshundklub; WT POE (A) 96 Cacit, BhFN/
    Formwert: V, LSZ V II; Cacib Offenburg V III. Gewicht: 9 kg
  • Dam: Bea vom Linteler-Forst FCI 0001446R Sp/J, Vp, BhFK, BHP-G (V) Formwert: Sg

Born: June 05, 2002 (Germany)

Breeder: Gerhard Weick (Germany)

Owner: Susanne Hamilton

Titles: AKC - FC; DTK- BHP (G), SchwhK/20, SFK, Wa-T

Weight: 18 lbs

Buster is a German dachshund who fell into the no-man’s land between wires and smooths. His parents have wirehaired coats, but he is a wild boar-colored dog with smooth coat. The smooth coat like Buster's is inherited as a recessive trait. In the US we are working with a very small gene pool of wires bred out of hunting European bloodlines. A dog as talented as Buster should not be excluded from being used in breeding just because of his coat. He has an outstanding pedigree and he is an exceptional individual.

Buster has enormous tracking desire and the intelligence to put his nose to good use. One night John tracked behind him for two miles on a big, leg-hit doe. At one point he worked a beautiful 50 yard back track which was confirmed with a few spots of blood. He did this with little natural experience. We believe that it is his genetics, which he transmits, that is largely responsible for what this little dog can do.

In 2006 Buster won the Dachshund Club of America National Field Trial held in Georgia - 142 dachshunds participated. He has a wonderful voice on rabbits and opens freely. Even though he has a strong hunting drive, he is very responsive and has a very calm and laid back disposition. Buster and Susanne are inseparable, and they have formed a deep, intuitive relationship.

When bred to Fredrika v Moosbach-Zuzelek "Rika" he sired the pups (all wires) who started tracking very early, and are doing excellent work as young dogs. At 9 months Cheri Faust's Danika has a title of Senior Hunting Hound and Larry Gohlke's Nix got a title of Hunting Hound. Other pups from the litter have already recovered wounded deer for outfitters - see Suzy at Illinois Ohio Valley Trophy Hunts.


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