Using dogs to help find wounded deer is as old as Man's prehistoric relationship with wolf-like hunting dogs. In its modern form blood tracking with dogs is most highly developed in Germany and other countries of Central Europe. In North America dogs were used on the frontier to find wounded big game, and this practice has continued in certain areas where it has not been specifically prohibited. In much of the United States blood tracking with a dog, even on a leash, became a prohibited activity, outlawed along with the general abolition of the use of dogs in deer hunting. Recent legislative and regulatory changes have once again permitted the use of tracking dogs in 15 states where it was once illegal. In the South and in certain specified counties of Texas the use of dogs to find wounded deer has continued in the forms that it took in the days when this area was first inhabited by white men. In the Province of British Columbia the use of dogs to find wounded game is legal on leash for hoofed game animals and off leash for bear.

Our Sabina (FC Sabina von Moosbach-Zuzelek) has recovered over 70 wounded deer.

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