Breeding wirehaired dachshunds for tracking has been our passion for the last 35 years.  Because we breed on average only two litters a year a reservation is almost always required. We usually raise puppies in spring and summer. Puppies are whelped and raised in our house.

We keep our puppies longer than the traditional seven weeks so we can become familiar with their temperaments and aptitudes. A breeder knows much more about a twelve-week old puppy than about one that is only seven weeks old. Our puppies are given a great deal of individual attention so that they are well socialized and provided with the psychological base for relating closely to their new owner. They also undergo a thorough testing and preliminary training in blood tracking. Puppies that do not show the traits we want in a tracking dog are sold as pets. All our puppies are guaranteed for temperament and genetic health.

We are not show breeders, but we insist upon strong functional conformation. We believe that a harsh double coat is very desirable in a dachshund, and we try to give you an honest assessment of what sort of coat a puppy will develop. It is impossible to produce consistently ideal coats in wirehaired dachshunds. The cutest bearded puppies usually do not develop the best coats in the long run; the best-coated dachshunds at maturity will look almost like smooth dachshunds at ten weeks.

We need to learn more about you, your experience, requirements and expectations so we know what kind of dog you need. This way we will be able to select a right puppy for you. We believe that we know individual puppies quite well by the time they are 12 weeks old. In most cases we "preselect" a puppy for you. This prevents a lot of mistakes resulting from impulse reactions of a buyer. We try to match your needs with the right puppy. If you have a small child, it is obvious that a pup, which is on a "sharper" side, is not going to work out for you. The same pup will be perfect for somebody who does not have children and who has a good background in training working dogs. Therefore, it is in your best interest that we ask you a lot of questions and become familiar with your situation.

We sell our puppies on the "limited" AKC registration. The "limited" registration allows owners to use and compete with their dachshunds in any way they can imagine, but it does not allow them to breed their dogs and register the offspring with the AKC. Only when we see that the dog is suitable for breeding, and the owner is knowledgeable about the dachshund breed and is dedicated to responsible ownership and breeding, then we consider lifting the limited registration and converting it to full registration. Why have we decided to take this step? In the past we sold our puppies without breeding restrictions and in some cases we had a lot of regrets. Against our advice, the puppies' owners felt that if they paid several hundred dollars for an AKC registered puppy, then they could produce some puppies as well. They bred to the closest living wirehaired male, without any considerations and knowledge of pedigrees, performance and conformation. Because of this experience, we decided that we are not going to support this kind of backyard breeding and are not going to compromise integrity of our breeding program.

We give a lot of support to people who have our dogs. You will be invited to join a support/discussion yahoo group; this way you will be in a frequent contact with us and with other people who have our dogs. This is a very effective way to mentor newcomers to blood tracking with dachshunds. Therefore, it is important that you have access to computer and the Internet.

We do not ship puppies. We will ask you to come to our place to pick up your puppy. We want to spend at least a half-day with you so we can teach you how you should proceed with training of your puppy. If you are new to blood tracking, we will give you a training session. It is very important to us that you work with your puppy and that you both succeed. Tracking wounded game with dogs is a team effort and both, the dog and the handler, need training.

Contact us about our puppies only if you are:
-- serious enough about tracking wounded game so you will track for other hunters when your dog is fully trained,
-- passionate and knowledgeable about dogs,
-- willing to put the necessary time into training,

However, before you contact us, read John's article on Expectations and check information on upcoming litters.

To see video clips of our puppies click here.

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Jolanta with Willy and Wynona John and Willy just finished a training session Most our puppies are wild boar, but occasionally we get a black and tan color as well. Elton and Erik have good tight coats . Elton has remained a smooth while Erik dveloped a good, harsh, wire coat. Pups love to play outside and explore new scents. Puppies are raised in our house and they enjoy a lot of attention