Sire: BCh 1997 Shadow van der Nerendijk, VII, BhFK/B, BhFN/B, Sp/B, SchwhK/B (Belgium)

Dam: GS 1994 Zara von der Hardt-Höhe, Sp/J, Vp/J, SchwhK, BhFK, GTSt 94/1994 (Germany)

Color: Wild boar

DOB: November 5, 1997

Breeder: Heinrich Wyink, Germany

Alfi's ttitles/ratings: AKC - FC, FCI: Sp/J, Sp, SchwhK, SchwhK/40, SchwhN, Sw, St, Vp, BhFK, BhFN, BhDN, WaT, BhFK95, SchwhK-F, Sw/40, Waldsuche, Schußf ; conformation rated "Excellent"

Weight: 22 lbs.

Gebrauchsieger and FC Alfi came to us from Germany laden with DTK working titles and an "ideal" conformation rating. He has a wonderful temperament, and he has proved to be an exceptional producer. However, we were disappointed with his working style on a natural blood trail. He tended to work too fast and with his head up. We realized that his "brisk" style, admired in Germany, was due in good part to his early training there. What we eventually learned was that Alfi, when bred to good bitches, produced blood trackers better than he is. He imparts enormous hunting desire, and his puppies have the focus on the line that he, himself, sometimes lacks. His 3 litters with Elli proved to be the best that we have ever bred and we have kept Amy, Asta (Emma), Arlo and Billy out of this breeding. As of October 2007, Alfi has produced nine field champions.

Alfi is not just a producer; he has real merit as individual. He has done very well in AKC field trials on cottontails. In the fall 2004 he was invited to run in the First Buckeye Invitational Field Trial. The best dachshund field champions were there from all over the country. Alfi won the trial convincingly.

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