• Sire: FC Asko von der Drachenburg (Germany), SFK, Vp, V, Deer Search certified
  • Dam: Agata v Moosbach-Zuzelek (Deer Search certified)

DOB: June 13, 2001

Breeder: Michael Vincent & Jolanta Jeanneney

Weight: 24 lbs

PRA and cataract free - exam on February 10, 2005

Our first breeding priority is performance, but we pay attention to functional conformation as well. Elli’s length of leg, balance and ease of motion are what we seek to produce. Elli's conformation was rated "Excellent" at the NATC Zuchtschau 2002. And… Elli can track. She has proved herself with several difficult finds of wounded deer, and she is an excellent small game hunter. Ellie is one of the best field trial dogs we have bred.  We like her responsiveness in the field and her working style. She comes back to the point of loss and has perseverance and determination to work out difficult checks. Her strong voice on rabbits is her hallmark. We wish that she were a little harder in temperament, but her depth of character is impressive.


Elli proved to be an exceptional brood bitch and produced 26 puppies in the three litters sired by Alfi. These are probably the best litters we have ever had. The puppies have been early starters with an overwhelming desire to track wounded deer. They also have a proper conformation according to the FCI standard, friendly and outgoing temperaments, perseverance and toughness necessary for the field work, and are spurlaut as well. We have kept Amy and Billy from the two DTK-registered litters. Good examples of what the breeding of Alf and Elli prodces are Bill Yoder's Daryl and Henry Holt's Bear. As of May 2008 the Elli/Alfi breeding produced eight field champions: Amy, Arlo, Asta (Emma), Attila (Bear), Augden (Auggie), Anja (Dixie), Billy and Darin (Bernie).

Elli pregnant with 8 puppies

Elli with her just whelped litter of 9 puppies

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