• Sire: DtJCh 2005 LJS 2005 CH-JCh SDC 2006 CH-JCh SKG 2006 GS 2006 L-JCh 2006 LS 2006
    WUT-JCh 2006 D-Ch 2007 LS 2007 WUT-Ch 2007 Boris vom Linteler-Forst FCI 0501134R, dkl.sf., WT 27.11.2004, BhN MRV SchwhK SfK Sp/J VpoSp/J, GTB.9/2006, V
  • Dam: Ilena vom Nonnenschlag 0503723R, dkl.sf., BHP-G, SchwhK, SchwhK/J, SchwhKF, Sfk, Sp/J, VpoSp (Sg)
  • Breeder: Rosemarie Bauersachs, Germany
  • Date of birth: February 18, 2008

Joeri vom Nonnenschlag is a very promising young dog  that we bought from Rosi Bauersachs in northern Bavaria. He was the most precocious puppy we have ever worked with. At four months he was already running a rabbit and giving tongue like an old hound. In September 2008 he passed the NATC gun-shyness test and NATC Small Game Hunter test. Joeri is a natural retriever on land and water. And he is easy on the eyes. At the NATC Zuchtschau in 2009 Judge Agnès de France named him Best in Show with an “Excellent” rating. We are not show breeders, but we like his “built for action” conformation.

Rosi Baursachs has a well-established reputation for breeding, careful, close-working tracking dogs. The Nonnenschlag dogs are  to be reckoned with at the annual German Blood Tracking Competition for Dachshunds at Chorin.

In the fall season of 2009 Joeri distinguished himself as a tracking dog and found eight deer. He has a calm, patient working style and works his checks carefully. He does not move ahead until his is sure that he has the right line. Joeri is living up to our expectations, and he will bring fresh genetics into out breeding program. Joeri should be a good stud dog for many of the bitches sired by our Alfi and Billy.

Gallery of Joeri's pictures is posted here

Joeri's pedigree