• Sire: FC Billy von Moosbach-Zuzelek, SchwhK, BHP-1, BHP-2
  • Dam: FC Gilda v  Moosbach-Zuzelek, SchwhK
    Both parents are Deer Search certified

DOB: April 7, 2005

Breeder: Jolanta & John Jeanneney

Weight 21 lbs. DNA tested and clear for the NHPH4 PRA mutation


In Keena (AKC Fld. Ch) we combined two bloodlines we have been working with for years. One goes through Gilda to Sabina (Zalud Staccato x FC Gerte vom Dornenfeld) and Asko; the other one goes through Billy to Elli and Alfi. The breeding, which had produced Keena, was repeated two more times (K, E and G litters) so in total Keena has 17 full siblings, all of them blood trackers.


Keena is very nose oriented and loves to track and hunt. As one of the picture shows - this dog can fly in pursuit of a rabbit. She got her "Absolute" win at a field trial when she was 6 months old. She opens on rabbits easily, and her voice is very impressive. Keena is an excellent swimmer.


Her temperament is one of the best we have ever bred - always friendly with people and dogs, playful, engaging and cuddly. Keena has an ideal harsh wirehaired coat, which is easy to maintain. At 21 lbs her size is very correct.


Keena has been bred three times to different stud dogs, and in all the three litters she has produced some great blood tracking dogs. She is an outstanding brood bitch, an easy whelper and caring mother.


The "M" litter sired by "Buster" FC Clown vom Talsdeich produced 7 blood trackers in 2007

  • Matthias (Petey) owned by Sally Marchmont in Vermont
  • Magnum (Doc) owned by Joe Walters in Indiana
  • Moose owned by Kyle Stiffler from Michigan
  • Max owned by Robin Ernst from South Carolina
  • Melodie (Greta) owned by Susie and Jody Gardner from Ohio
  • Mikki owned by Warren Strickland from Alabama
  • Mirabell owned by Robert Rubie from Michigan

In 2009 she was bred to Du Théo de la Meute à Cheops (a blood tracker imported from France and residing in Canada) and produced 7 puppies: Paika, Poppy, Patti, Petrus, Parker, Pushkin and Poker. We have kept Paika for ourselves, and the other pups are in blood tracking homes.


In 2010 Keena was bred to FC Joeri vom Nonnenschlag (a blood tracking dachshund imported by us from Germany) and she whelped 9 puppies: Quantum, Quint, Quentin, Quick, Quenotte, Quanta, Quella, Questa and Quipster. Seven puppies were sold to blood tracking homes.


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