Sire: BG-Ch 2010 CZ-JCh 2010 SK-JCh 2010 C.I.B. 2011 C.I.E. 2011 CZ-Ch 2011 PL-Ch 2011 SLO-Ch 2011 UA-Ch 2011 Revestreken's Kolja A10T0014R NO51668/09 CLP/J/79904, sf., WT 22.02.2009, CZ-Sp CZ-ZV PL-BhFK PL-BhFN, V

Dam: Inti Raptor

Born: December 10, 2011       

Breeder: Gabriela Skruzna (The Czech Republic)

Mielikki was bred in the Czech Republic by Gabriela Skruzna and was brought to the United States by a friend of ours, Lenka Faraislova and her son Adam. Mielikki's sister Macaria lives in Utah and is owned by Justin Richins. The picture below shows Revestreken's Kolja, Mielikki's sire, when he won The VIIIth International Blood Tracking Competition in Grebowo, Poland entered by 21 dachshunds.

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Above Jolanta with Mielikki after their very successful weekend in Maryland on November 1-4. Mielikki became a new AKC Field Champion when in two weekends she won an OAAB stake three times and also was the Absolute Winner of the trial on Nov. 4.

Mielikki is an AKC Field Champion; she also passed NATC/DTK Small Game Hunting Test and Gun Shyness Test. Her hunting drive and correct voicing on live game such as rabbits are her strengths. Thanks to her superior nose Mielikki runs a scent track smoothly and has very good line control. Her check work is also very correct. Even though Mielikki was bred in the Czech Republic, she comes mainly from Nordic bloodlines. In Norway and Sweden dachshunds are expected to follow big game for many hours so this is not a big surprise that Mielikki does not tire in the field easily. She also loves to swim, and we had a lot of fun with her last summer when she discovered our pond. She is an obssessive retriever and loves to retrieve from the water.

Mielikki has a very correct functional conformation.  On November 2, 2012, at the NATC Zuchtschau in, Maryland, the German judge Monika Wittkamp gave her a rating of "very good" with a note that she will be "excellent" when more mature. Mielikki's wirehaired coat is ideal with thick undercoat and harsh, wiry topcoat . A Vetgen DNA test proved that she does not carry a gene for smooth coat so her offspring will always have wirehaired coat. Mielikki weighs around 8.5kg (19 lbs).

It is a pleasure to work with Mielikki as she has a strong desire to please and is highly trainable. She is affectionate but not needy. This is a very well balanced bitch with lots of "hunt". She focuses well and should make a good blood tracker.

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