Dam - Asta von Moosbach-Zuzelek aka "Emma"

Sire - FC Clown vom Talsdeich aka "Buster"

On June 22 Emma whelped 9 puppies. Unfortunately two did not make it because of their difficult whelping positions (whelps were upside down, feet first, and and they were blocked by afterbirths). So after 12 hour long whelping we have 7 healthy puppies - 5 females and 2 males.  Puppies were identified by ribbons around their necks. Pups' weights at birth are given next to the color id:


  • Green  9.0 oz     Nurmi owned by Charles Collier, MI
  • Blue    7.8 oz      Nimble owned by Katrina Janes, ME


  • Pink    10.2 oz    Niki owned by Matt Cooper, VA
  • Yellow 9.2  oz     Nadina owned by Bob Fulcher, OH
  • Purple  8.4 oz     Nevada owned by Bill Smith, VA
  • Orange 8.0 oz    Nettie owned by Jeff Richardson, IL
  • Navy    7.2 oz     Nellie owned by Paul Vrana, TX

N-puppies were just 5-6 months old during their first tracking season but in spite of their young age they have done very well.