For us it is impossible to imagine our life without wirehaired dachshunds. John imported his first wirehaired teckel from Germany in 1965. Jolanta acquired her first "wire" in 1989 while she lived in Canada.

Because dogs' life span does not match ours, over the years we have had to say good bye many times. It is never easy. Some of our dachshunds were outstanding individuals in their own right, some have contributed a great deal to our breeding program, and some were very special simply because of their close relationship and connection with us. However, every one and each of them holds a very special place in our hearts and memory. In this section of our website we will try to walk the memory lane and pay tribute to our special four-legged friends. 


FC Sabina von Moosbach-Zuzelek 1995-2007

FC Clary von Moosbach 1974-1985

FC Gerte vom Dornenfeld 1988-2001

FC Fausto de la Grande Futaie 1990-2002

FC Sherif du Bellerstein "Max" 1981-1995

FC Zuzelek's Gold-digging Gita 1991-2003

FC Vamba von Moosbach-Zuzelek 1996-2006

FC Zuzelek's Globetrotter SW "Kuba" 1991-2005

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