John Jeanneney has owned and hunted with European wirehaired dachshunds since he brought his first dachshund back from Germany in 1965. Ten years later, after he had lost a wounded deer himself, he applied for a research license from New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation to investigate the feasibility of using leashed tracking dogs. In 1976 the New York State DEC issued him a “Scientific Collector’s Permit” to investigate the use of leashed tracking dogs to find wounded deer in New York.  Was it a practical method? Would hunters and the general public accept this? With Don Hickman he founded Deer Search Inc. to extend the research across the state. In 1986 the use of leashed tracking dogs was legalized by the New York Legislature and the Governor. Since this date the use of leashed tracking dogs has been authorized in 21 other states.


  • Founder and Life Member of Deer Search Inc. in New York State.
  • Co-founder of the United Blood Trackers and North American Teckel Club
  • Vice President, United Blood Trackers,  2005-present
  • Member, NY Bowhunters
  • Member, Deutscher Teckelklub (Germany)
  • Member, Union Nationale pour l’Utilisation de Chiens de Rouge (France)
  • Member, Association des Conducteurs de Chiens de Sang  du Québec
  • Member, North American Teckel Club


New York, New Hampshire, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Wyoming, Quebec, Ontario. Also numerous presentations in various states.

Books and Articles

  • Tracking Dogs for Finding Wounded Deer, 2003
  • Dead On! Deer Anatomy and Shot Placement for Bow and Gun Hunters, Tracking Techniques for Wounded Whitetails, 2010
  • a monthly column about tracking wounded big game with dogs for Full Cry
  • numerous articles in various publication on tracking wounded game with dogs, hunting dachshunds, field trials etc. A sample of John's writing can be found at

Tracking Experience

  • 37 Years of tracking with leashed dogs in the New York State
  • 1046  searches on a volunteer basis for wounded deer and bear
  • 290  deer and bear found
  • Deer Search Master Handler helped certify numerous leashed tracking dog handlers
  • Accompanied handlers on numerous calls in Germany France, Quebec and Texas

Blood Tracking Test Experience

  • Handled tracking dog in numerous blood tracking tests in Germany and the USA held by the Deutscher Teckelklub, Jagdgebrauchshundverein, and the North American Teckel Club.
  • Judged blood tracking tests for North American Teckel Club, United Blood Trackers, Deer Search Inc.


On February 26, 2012 John was inducted to the New York State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame.

On October 7, 1994 Sports Museum of Dutchess County inducted John for outstanding contributions to sports and recreation in Dutchess County to the Sports Museum Hall of Fame.

In 1982 he was awarded a Plaque from Federation of Dutchess County Fish and Game Clubs, Inc. saying: " Presented to John Jeanneney in recognition of his committment and activity in the field of conservation.His belief in the feasibility of using tracking dogs to pursue wounded deer has lead to the formation of Deer Search Inc. His interests in this as well as other conservation and environmental matters has lead to his becoming involved and giving generously of his time. This dedication on his part is in the highest interest to all sportsmen both present and future."wards


John Jeanneney majored in geology at Dartmouth College. After working as an exploration geologist he went on to Columbia University, where he received a PhD in European History. Research for his dissertation on French forest history, which was funded by a Fulbright scholarship, took him to the French National Forestry School for a year. There he also investigated European methods of deer hunting. Back in the United States he taught history for 31 years at Hofstra University.

Contact Information

John Jeanneney
1584 Helderberg Trail
Berne, NY 12023, USA



Tracking season 2011 - John, Joeri and a hunter.

John is handling Tommy, one of our tracking dachshunds.

Tracking season 2011 - John with a tracking dachshund Billy and a bear they found

John with Joeri at an North American Teckel  Club workshop in Pennsylvania.