Blood tracking organizations & websites

United Blood Trackers The mission of United Blood Trackers is to promote the use of trained tracking dogs in the ethical recovery of big game.
Deer Search Inc.

NY organization of volunteers who seek to reduce the number of deer wounded and left in the woods to die during hunting season. They use specially trained tracking dogs to find wounded big game that are impossible to track by eye.

Tracking Dogs Message Board Message board for discussions, questions, sharing
experience, training tips and views on blood tracking and dogs.
Texas Trackers Good source of info on tracking wounded deer with dogs in Texas
Articles by Ed Bailey
About Aggression
Der Jagdgebrauchshund. The Versatile Hunting Dog
Do Dogs Think?
Fixing Behaviour Problems
Genes + Selection + Behaviour + Learning = Possibly A Dog
Giving Pups a Head Start
Hello Wired Dog
How Dogs Learn
New Pup Coming - Now What?
Producing Behaviourally Sound Dogs
Separation Anxiety
Socialization & Socializing
Stressed Out
The Awkward Age-This Too Shall Pass
The Fearful Dog
The Making of Dog-dogs and People-Dogs
The Psychological Check Cord
To Shape or Break Your Dog. Is There a Question?
When the Dog Talks Who Listens?
Why Not Seven Weeks - the Forty-Ninth day Revisited
Canine genetics & breeding
Canine Diversity Project Late Dr. Armstrong's web site dedicated to the Canine Diversity Project. Excellent source of information on canine genetics and breeding and importance of genetic diversity.
Canine Genetic Resources Directory of sources on canine genetics and breeding.
AKC Forms and Applications The title is self-explanatory.
Athletic & Working Dogs This site is dedicated to dog conditioning,  canine performance, dog nutrition,   injuries and rehabilitation.
DCA Health and Welfare Trust Fund Dedicated to the well being of dachshunds, both emotionally and physically. good source of info pertaining to the health of their companion dachshunds.
Natural Resources Research Information Pages Excellent resource guide in the natural resources field.
U.S Sportsmen's Alliance Formerly the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America (ALFA) - the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance is the only organization dedicated to the protection of hunting, fishing and trapping. It provides legislative, and legal support in defense of America's sporting heritage.


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