Updated: January 28th, 2024

We are planning to have 2 litters of puppies in 2024. We expect our females to be in season in March-April. Since gestation takes 9 weeks and pups stay here for 8-9 weeks, puppies will be going to their new homes in late summer.

We do not breed in winter because winter weather here (upstate NY) is very harsh. We start working with pups outdoors when they are really young, and this would not be possible during winter months.

Email us at info@born-to-track.com and we will send you more info and some paperwork to fill out. Remember that we sell only to serious working homes, and we already have a pretty long waiting list.

If you are planning to get a puppy for blood tracking purposes, make sure that you have a good supply of deer blood, organs, hides and legs for training purposes.

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